How it works

Once we connect the system to CCTV cameras... analyses and understands video streams in real time.
You benefit from dashboards, reports and alerts.

Fast and scalable computing units combined with AI algorithms developed by our sofware engineers provide reliable and resource-efficient image analysis in real time.

Utilizing most recent knowledge of convolutional neural networks and deep learning, we can create accurate and flexible solutions.

The difference

Other solutions

Images and data are being sent to computing cloud based on third-party servers. Increased cyber-security risks.

Additional legal challenges with GDPR compliance.

Expensive and stable Internet connection is required for real-time operation.

Images and data may be processed 100% in-house for maximum privacy and security.

No need for expensive and stable Internet connection.

The advantage

Real time hardware accelerated CCTV image analysis

Detection and recognition of objects, people and behaviour patterns

Local data analysis for maximum security and GDPR compliance

Edge Artificial Intelligence based on neural networks

Fully automated counting and classification of detected objects

Raw data export and API integration with customers' systems

Advisory, service and assistance provided by experts

Integration with existing infrastructure

Up to 6x cheaper than cloud solutions

Digital Zero-Waste

Every minute, monitoring cameras all over the World produce thousands teraflops of data that is wasted. Our mission is to use this data to forge a competitive advantage for your business.

Still interested in cloud-based solution?

We can do it as well, as our system is highly flexible and customizable.