How it works

We constantly develop and improve our computer vision processing engine.
You deliver data relevant for your particular use case.
We build and train machine learning model tailored to your business.
The model can work with our or third-party computer vision engine, consulting a complete solution.

Take advantage of our computer vision knowledge to verify your idea!

  • POC
  • Feasibility studies
  • Desktop applications and on-cloud services

Technology stack

  • Pytorch
  • ONNX
  • YOLO
  • GStreamer
  • Direct ML
  • Python
  • FastAPI
  • Rust
  • JavaScript
  • NodeJS
  • Vue
  • Electron

Our team covers complete spectrum of skills and competences required to deliver desktop applications and on-cloud services.

Be futureproof

If you think you might need advanced image analytics to achieve a competitive edge in your area of business, you have found the right team for the job.