Improving the journey experience

Computer Vision solutions for transport

Manage traffic at terminals

Count streams of people flowing through passenger terminals. Receive real time information on traffic and bottlenecks. Let travelers spend more time on shopping and in food courts, instead of moving and waiting for security checks.

Manage Queues and improve passengers experience

Use visual analytics to manage queues. Increase passenger satisfaction and decrease stress. Know peak days and hours and plan personnel shifts according to forecasts and historical data.

Improve security & safety

Detect potentially harmful and prohibited items such as weapons or unattended luggage. Let your surveillance personnel focus on what really matters in any given moment and send first responders thanks to on time alerts and push notifications.

Optimize personnel

Manage shifts and personnel to provide optimal staffing in particular facilities, based on historical data, forecasts and real time information from visual monitoring systems. Reduce stress for both travelers and employees.

Manage terminal space and parking lots

Know the peak hours and space availability. Design parking zones in order to manage gates and adjust tolls to optimize revenues and driver's satisfaction. Read and record license plates to identify offenders and for billing.

Control crowds

Count large crowds and people flows. Detect gatherings. Act in real time or plan in advance to avoid traffic disruptions. Secure political rallies, concerts and other events. Provide adequate law enforcement and medical assistance.

Prevent fatal accidents

AI neural networks can be trained to recognize potentially fatal incidents, such as people crossing platform line, bodies lying on railway tracks, potential suicide attempts on bridges & more.