Computer Vision supported Security solutions

Where failure is not an option

Protect vital infrastructure

Anywhere from policing borders to enterprise security, AI can greatly improve the efficiency of video monitoring. Display highlights, detect abnormal behavior patterns, fire and smoke. React to intrusions and trespassing.

Prevent fatal accidents

AI neural networks can be trained to recognize potentially fatal incidents, such as people crossing platform line, bodies lying on railway tracks, potential suicide attempts on bridges & more.

Detect potentially dangerous situations

Detect potentially harmful and prohibited items such as weapons or unattended luggage. Use algorithms to spot street fights. Let your security monitoring staff focus on what matters in any given moment.

Respond in real time

Send response teams on time due to alerts and notifications on many devices. Highlight images from cameras where the situation requires action. Eliminate human error and poor judgement in critical applications.

Control crowds

Count large crowds and people flows. Detect gatherings. Act in real time or plan in advance to avoid traffic disruptions. Secure political rallies, concerts and other events. Provide adequate law enforcement and medical assistance.

Loss prevention

From protecting raw material piles, to shoplifting. AI neural networks can be trained to detect suspicious behavior patterns involving items, people and vehicles. Empower your surveillance systems with cutting edge technology.

Harness road traffic

Count and classify vehicles, identify peak hours and days. Quickly diagnose bottlenecks. Document violations. Plan traffic according to forecasts and historical data. Read & register license plates to charge tolls and chase offenders.