Computer vision analytics for retail

When every customer counts - count every customer


Prevent lost sales and reduce abandonment rates using queue management. Improve cash conversion cycles. Keep your customers engaged as they wait and provide them with a better shopping experience.


Conduct A/B tests to find out what works best for you. See the data of all your physical locations. Use benchmarks to see how they compare against each other and the industry average.


Count street traffic, evaluate shop displays. Measure customers' dwell time in particular areas to find both the hottest and least attractive spots. Design floor layout to make even better use of every inch and corner.

Learn your customers' behavior

Use heatmaps to get valuable insights into your customers' habits, discover shopping patterns and address them with tailored strategies. Find the perfect layout of your product portfolio.

Adjust personnel and operations to real traffic forecasts

Identify peak hours and days. Plan shifts and personnel deployment according to forecasts and historical data. Manage supplies and inventories consequently. Identify trends and bottlenecks.

Bring day-to-day management to new heights

Let your store managers make informed, timely decisions based on data from dedicated dashboards. Build and track KPIs. Set realistic goals to your teams and show them what works best and why.