Real estate & facility management

Know value - grow value

Measure footfall

Count traffic at entrances, alleys, around hot spots such as food courts and entertainment areas, or virtually anywhere within your camera's reach. Evaluate zone occupancy.

Improve security and safety

AI analyzes images from many surveillance cameras in real time, detecting suspected items and behaviors. Support your security team with live alerts and push notifications. Increase dependability and reduce personnel costs.

Adjust rental fees

Compare the footfall data between all your physical locations, check floor performances and set adequate rentals pricing. Optimize floor plans and shopping malls design to maximize your tenant's revenue and conversion rates.

Find best locations for your investments

Verify locations attractiveness by measuring street traffic and testing how different types of premises attract attention of potential customers. Measure and communicate value to potential investors.

Manage space - perfectly

Manage your parking lots and office space thanks to real time occupancy reports, historical data and forecasts. Use visual identification systems to provide access control and billing.

Maximize ROI on your investments

Receive actionable data thanks to comprehensive visual reports, dashboards and heatmaps. Analyze trends and make sound business decisions based on facts, not assumptions.