Empowering machines with true sight capabilities

Computer Vision solutions for industry

Manufacturing inspections

Provide accurate visual quality control checks in fast paced production environments. AI deep learning neural networks prove to be more dependable than trained personnel.

Lean management

Trace personnel paths and working habits to draw spaghetti diagrams and heatmaps. Eliminate wasted time and energy. Show your employees visual data to discuss ways of improvement.

Security & safety

AI can greatly improve the efficiency of video monitoring, detect security breaches quicker. prevent intrusions, loitering, industrial espionage and theft. Provide your security personnel with customized alerts and notifications.

Autonomous inspection platforms

Equip your drones and other kinds of robots with AI to provide automated inspections of constructions and installations. Detect dam cracks and underwater cable damages. Let your robots navigate on their own in predictable environments.

Visual Stocks Control

Teach machines to check inventory levels and monitor safety stocks just by analyzing cameras images. Use surveillance cameras to collect additional data on warehouse space. Integrate visual analytics with your ERP system.